Turning Tables
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Chapter 5: A day of work at Hilton Hotel Munich Airport

My daily work at Hilton Hotel Munich Airport
At Hilton Hotel Munich Airport, I am one of around 60 trainees, of which 20 started their apprenticeship with me last September. The chances that I will stick with this company after my apprenticeship are high: About 80% of all trainees get

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Chapter 4: My new life as a trainee

Vocational school

By now I have started my apprenticeship and have completed two weeks of school, which left me behind with mixed feelings.
To start with, it is amazing to be going to school again.
There are 36 students in my class, most of whom are girls. I am

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Chapter 3: Ups and Downs

My favourite moment
My time at Turning Tables was wonderful and unforgettable.
But my favourite moment was the day, when we got taught about five different potato recipes.
The great thing about the Step-IN program is that we do not only learn specific theory about gastronomy and hotel business, but

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Chapter 2: My way to success with Turning Tables

How everything started
The first person to talk to me about Turning Tables was my social worker where I live. In Afghanistan, I would have probably never started a job in gastronomy. But here in Germany, I had played with the thought of becoming a chef for quite a while.

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Chapter 1: My life before Turning Tables

Hi, I’m Mojtaba
13 weeks ago, I started Turning Tables’ training program “Step-IN” which prepares you to start an apprenticeship in the hospitality sector. Today is the first day of my apprenticeship as a hotelier at Hilton Munich Airport. If someone would have told me this three years ago, when

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