Turning Tables
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Chapter 5: A day of work at Feinkost Käfer

My daily work at Feinkost Käfer
In September I started my apprenticeship to become a restaurant specialist at “Bavarie”, a restaurant at BMW World in Munich that belongs to Feinkost Käfer. I enjoy working here, I like the team, the guests and the restaurant, which is very modern. Large windows,

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Chapter 4: My new life as a trainee

Vocational school
Finally my apprenticeship started. To get the permission was a long, extensive and tiring journey. Several times I had been at the edge of despair, close to losing all hope.

More than anything I am happy that Feinkost Käfer stood so patiently and optimistically behind me.

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Chapter 3: Ups and Downs

My favourite moment
During my time at Turning Tables, I have experienced so many great moments that I am still telling my family and friends about it.
But my personal highlight was when we got handed over our certificates at the last day of the Step-IN program, and I got

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Chapter 2: My way to success with Turning Tables

How everything started
When I heard about Turning Tables for the first time, I didn’t have anything that kept me occupied.
My day consisted of eating, singing, strolling around and sleeping. A situation that I wanted to change more than anything. It didn’t feel good to just be sitting around

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Chapter 1: My life before Turning Tables

Hi, my name is Rustam
Next time you’re visiting BMW-world and you want to take a fun break, you can come and watch me mix drinks and balance trays, as I recently started working at one of the restaurants of Feinkost Käfer, as their new restaurant specialist trainee.
Originally, I’m

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