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Chapter 5: A day of work at Feinkost Käfer

My daily work at Feinkost Käfer

In September I started my apprenticeship to become a restaurant specialist at “Bavarie”, a restaurant at BMW World in Munich that belongs to Feinkost Käfer. I enjoy working here, I like the team, the guests and the restaurant, which is very modern. Large windows, plants everywhere and a lot of daylight make me feel good at work.

So far, my apprenticeship is going great. I would have never thought that I could end up in such a fancy company – and I for sure would have never even applied for it. But thanks to the classes I received at Turning Tables I felt prepared and qualified, was able to write a good application and convince at my job interview.

My current “terrority”.

My current “territory“ is the bar. It’s the place I have been working most at, so far. The tasks I have to undertake are quite varied: I make coffee, beer and cocktails but I am responsible for serving drinks, cleaning and polishing glasses too. Mixing cocktails is what I like to do the best. I learned it here at Feinkost Käfer. When I started, I had no clue about it, but by now I know many mixes by heart. At the bar, I don’t have to walk as much as someone who is serving the whole day. That doesn’t mean that my work isn’t exhausting. Most of the days, I go home right after I’m finished and fall asleep shortly after. If it’s really busy however, I sometimes stay longer and help out my colleagues. I’m getting along with them very well, they are all very friendly and open and from the beginning made me feel included.

Before I go to work in the morning, I take my time to start the day off right. At home I make myself a big breakfast with eggs, take a long shower and then go to BMW world, ready for work and in a good mood. When I arrive there, I usually start setting up the bar. I check whether the fridges at the bar are missing any drinks and fill them up, if needed. For that I have to get the crates from the storage room. Carrying them to the bar is quite a work-out, as they are pretty heavy. But that’s ok, that way I can save myself the trip to the gym.

For me it is important to keep my work space clean. On the one hand, because I obviously need space to work. On the other hand, it could also get dangerous, if I leave things laying around on the floor. I could easily slip and fall – which could definitely hurt a lot, with many glasses or a heavy crate in my hands.

Besides that, I just like neatness and diligence. I guess that’s still in my blood from working as an electrician in my home country. In that job, a small mistake could already be your last one. That’s why I am used to working in a very precise way. I think that this character trait is also a strength for my apprenticeship at Feinkost Käfer. If someone asks me to perform a certain task, I do it carefully and reliably. Sometimes, that can take a little longer than when my experienced colleagues do it. But I’m sure that it’ll become routine for me too, once I have had a little more experience. Then I will be able to do my tasks just as fast.

So far, I haven’t been allowed to take over my own tables in the restaurant yet. When I serve guests, it’s exclusively drinks that I made at the bar and that have to be brought to the guest quickly, as they otherwise start to look less nice or become cold/warm. Like beer and coffee. But that’s okay, I’m sure it will change soon. Until then, I might have also improved my English skills and got even better in German, so I can communicate more easily with guests. I’m looking forward to it!

This is what my training supervisor says about me:

“In the beginning, I was concerned how it would be for Rustam to only have female bosses. Not every man, who is mainly used to male authority due to his cultural background, knows how to deal with that. However, with Rustam, it wasn’t an issue at all. He is incredibly respectful and obliging. He, for example, gladly takes over the carrying of heavy tables for his female colleagues or clears the empty plates without being asked, after we have all eaten together. Rustam is very polite, not only towards the guests, but also towards his colleagues, and has integrated well into the team.”

I believe that this apprenticeship will have many different, positive effects on Rustam and I’m happy to have him support our Feinkost Käfer team.

Thank you for reading my blog articles. I hope I have given you a insight into my new life!




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