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Asylum Seekers

between 18-25 years old (July 2016)


in gastronomy and hotel industry per applicant (July 2016)


Bavaria occupies 2nd place in Germany in the number of most catering establishments (2014)

Step-IN Program Partners

Do you want to:

  • Save time finding suitable candidates for your vocational training program?
  • Have skilled, long-term, reliable employees to support your company?
  • Build a team of employees who will advance their careers within your company?
  • Contribute to an inclusive society that welcomes refugees?

We save you the time and effort of having to identify apprenticeship candidates, screening, recruiting and mentoring them until they become highly skilled employees. In addition, you receive both the material benefits of highly skilled, committed staff and the knowledge that you are contributing to a strong and diverse German society.

At Turning Tables, we understand the challenges that you face as an employer trying to find long-term employees, starting with finding suitable apprentices. Turning Tables aims to bridge your needs with the needs of refugees by offering holistic programs that provide the necessary theoretical, practical, and intercultural knowledge to fill open vocational training positions in the gastronomy and hospitality industries.

Our signature Step-IN Program takes a holistic approach to job integration that includes training in:

  • Gastronomy-Specific German lessons
  • Practical and theoretical training for gastronomy and hotel management
  • Health, hygiene & safety standards
  • Professional etiquette
  • Intercultural training

In total, each three-month Step-IN Program provides 25 participants who are hand-selected through our thorough recruitment process with 250 training hours, 450 hours of mentoring, and a 4-week Internship.


What You Get

We identify a pool of participants, screen them and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a vocational training in the gastronomy or hospitality sectors. We provide you with the opportunity to interact with them during the training process so that you can assess their motivation, willingness to learn and culinary skills. At the conclusion of the training you will engage in a mutual selection and interview process in order to fill your vacant positions. You will then be supported with mentoring services to ensure your new employees adapt to your working environment and become successful, loyal and long-term employees.

For more information on our mentoring program please visit this link 


What We Ask of You

Register now to express your interest in our next Step-IN Program which starts in June. There are only 25 opportunities to participate and places are reserved on a first-in first-served basis. If you are unable to find a satisfactory candidate for your position, you can recruit from the next pool of participants at no additional cost.

Additionally, while Turning Tables takes responsibility for effectiveness of the training, we believe that the most successful employer-employee relationships are built when the employer is personally involved in the selection and development of their employees. As such, we advise all partners to attend a minimum of 2 sessions during the Step-IN Program.  The Step-IN Program culminates in a mutual selection process between employers and participants, so it is in your benefit to get to know the participants early!

Register today to participate in the Step-IN Program. We have a limited number of spaces for partner companies available. Your spot will be secured upon receipt of a participation fee. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a satisfactory candidate for your position, you can recruit from the next pool of participants at no additional cost. For each successfully filled position the company is expected to cover a share of the program expenses. Then please contact us at info@turningtables.de

Step-IN Program: Turning Tables deliverables and partner contribution


As a social enterprise we strive to bridge your companies’ needs with the social needs of refugees in a way that can strengthen and provide better outcomes for German society and the German economy. Given the dual benefits of our approach we want you to know that your contribution fees are not our only funding source. We are also graciously funded by individual donors, foundations and NGO’s. However, your contribution is important in enabling us to tailor the STEP-IN program to meet your specific needs while providing a means for refugees to become active tax-paying members of German society.

Other partnering opportunities

If you are looking for opportunities to increase your employee engagement or demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, consider these other ways of affiliating with Turning Tables: 



Become a supporter

Our programs require classrooms, high quality test kitchens, cooking supplies, and other materials. If you have the facilities or materials we need, consider allowing us to utilize them in-kind.

Become a Sponsor

become a named financial sponsor of a Step-IN program or one of our other workshops and be recognized for your commitment to empowering refugees and building an inclusive German society on our website, in our print materials, and on our social media.

Become a Mentor

If you want a hands-on way of getting involved with Turning Tables, consider offering your executives or employees the opportunity to serve as mentors for our participants. Current gastronomy and hospitality industry professionals are an invaluable resource for helping our participants become the next generation of professionals.

Whichever way you decide to support us you will become our official partner with mention on various channels (flyer, website, social media, etc.) and growing attention through media-effective public relations.

Are you interested in supporting us? Do you have more questions or need more information? Then please get in touch via our email info@turningtables.de or fill in the form bellow:


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