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Turning Tables offers you the opportunity to participate in programs that aim to inform, train, and support your journey to a career in the gastronomy or hospitality sectors. You will receive comprehensive skills-based training to prepare for a variety of gastronomy and hospitality jobs. Your career paths include becoming a professional in hotel management, in service or in the kitchen.


Why the gastronomy and hospitality sector? 

In the gastronomy and hospitality sectors, you have the opportunity to join a diverse workforce where there are many unfilled apprenticeships and professional positions.

Alone in 2016, 39% of apprenticeship positions in the gastronomy and hotel branch were not filled.

If you choose the option to complete an apprenticeship, you will be bolstering your credentials for faster promotions and higher salaries throughout your career.

Why should I complete an apprenticeship?

  • It offers job stability during apprenticeship period and after. The unemployment quota of people with apprenticeship or college degrees is 4% compared to 19% for those without an apprenticeship title. 
  • It offers long-term and higher income. Employees with apprenticeship titles earn throughout their working life on average 250,000 EUR more than workers without apprenticeship. 
  • It offers more opportunities for faster career advancement at the hiring company
  • It offers benefits such as the student rate transport ticket during the apprenticeship period to compensate for lower pay.



Participation Requirements

Application process

Application process for Step-IN Program:

Our application process follows three steps: meet & greet for information and registration, recruitment days to assess your candidacy and kick-off when the program officially starts.

*If you are interested to take part in the program you are required to attend one of meet & greet dates.

Follow the link to register your interest through our online form.


 Unfortunately, we are not offering a Step-IN Program for 2019. Follow the link to register your interest through our online form and we will be in touch should we offer it again in the future.

If you are interested to take part in the program you need to attend one of meet & greet dates.