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Turning Tables is a social start-up that fosters integration in order to build a stronger, more diverse German society. We deliver tailored programs that connect and qualify refugees in need of jobs and the gastronomy and hospitality sectors who are looking for long-term, skilled employees.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
We envision an inclusive, strong and diverse German society where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive.
Our Mission
Turning Tables helps refugees to integrate in the German labour market and society through capacity building in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors. We do that by providing comprehensive, needs-based services consisting of recruitment, training, and mentoring in partnership with the German gastronomy and hospitality sector.

The Backstory

Turning Tables began as an incubator project supported by Thrive International e.V. with the goal of empowering refugees by providing opportunities for professional training and stable employment in the gastronomy and hospitality sector. Food as a tool for integration, combined with the gastronomy sector’s workforce need, inspired Turning Tables’ founding in 2015, at the height of the refugee crisis.



Today, Turning Tables focuses on short and longer-term programs, like our signature Step-IN Program, and other services such as mentoring and recruiting. Our aim is to build sustainable programs that cover all aspects of integration into the working place.

The Team

We are a team of international experts with experience in entrepreneurship, international development, gastronomy and social work and a passion for cultural exchange, social inclusion and diversity.

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Strategy & HR
Finance & Business Development
Training Programs Manager
Partnerships Manager
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Trainer Introductory Workshops
Trainer Step-IN Program

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